Every person, family, organization, community and country has a purpose.
The problem is that most of us have no idea what that purpose is.  We are distracted, confused, angry and even feel hopeless at times, simply because we struggle to answer …

Why are you here?

Where are you meant to be?

What are you meant to do?

“In my years, helping leaders, families, organizations and communities realize their purpose, here is what I have found … When you get clear on why you’re here, you’ll be able to understand where you’re meant to be and what you’re meant to do.”


~ Shayne Wyler | Founder of The Realized Process

Using a simple seven step process called The Realized Process you will …

Clarify Your Purpose

In step one, we clarify your purpose.  Here you learn and discover exactly why you’re here.  The answers you get here, transform your life, work and family as you get focused to your unique value.

Define Your Vision

In step two, we discern your vision.  Your vision is your purpose fully realized.  Here you’ll learn where you’re heading.

Determine Your Mission

In step three, we determine your mission.  Here you figure out the unique and simple process you use to realize your purpose, in all you do, as you serve those around you.

Know Your Value

In step four, we pinpoint your passion. Here you discover the very thing that fuels your purpose and sustains you as you live it out. It’s more simple than you know.  This is what you value and others value you for everywhere you are.

Understand Your Opportunities

In step five, we define your opportunities. Here you learn where you’re meant to be. After this, you’ll know when to say “Yes” and where to “No”.  Simplified.

What You're Meant To Do

In step six, we uncover what you’ve been given to realize your purpose. You’ll discover the right tools you need to fulfill your purpose and those that are getting in your way. This includes discovering the right job and more.

Realize The Dream

In step seven, you learn how to stay focused on purpose. Here you’ll see the whole picture and how it all comes together, and begin to live out your purpose on purpose with confidence.  You’ll learn how to realize the dream that naturally comes out of this conversation.

This applies to …

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Your Family

Your Organization

Your Community


Have you ever wondered why you’re here or where you’re most valued?

Then here is where we start.

Answer this question for yourself
Where do you want to be valued?

Right there is where you need purpose

Purpose brings …
To get clear on why you’re here will transform your life and the lives of those around you. As we walk through this process you’ll get answers on:
What you’re meant to do
Where you’re opportunities are
Why you’re here
You’ll be able to apply all this wisdom to your life, work and family and confidently answer questions like:
Where should I go to school?  What should I study?
Is this the right job for me?
Is this who I should marry?

How do I help my kids grow to make a difference?


What’s the best way to spend my retirement?  Does retirement even matter to me? And why?


And so on …

Knowing your purpose helps you understand which direction to head in and allows you to embrace each transition in your life as a new opportunity to live out why you’re here.  This freedom filters into all areas of your life.

“If I never took the time to answer these questions and clarify my purpose, I know where I’d be.  Exactly where I was. Lost, confused, angry and even feeling hopeless.”

~ Shayne Wyler | Founder of The Realized Process

The Realized Process has changed hundreds and hundreds of people’s lives already.


Your life and the lives of those you serve can be next.

Let’s continue this conversation.

If you’d like to go through the Realized Process for yourself click the button below.

Your Family

Just like you, your family is here for a reason.


Each of you has a vital role to play in realizing your purpose together.

As you walk through The Realized Process as a family you’ll discover:

Each person’s contribution to the family


How to value each other’s contribution


Where you’re opportunities are together


How to build a strong family core. One that strengthens each of you as you live out your purpose together.

This results in a family where …

Trust abounds

Vulnerability is a strength

Collaboration is assured

What do you and your family want to accomplish?
What really matters at the end of the day?

Get clear on why you’re here and realize your purpose in all you do, everywhere you are.

Your Organization

You’re organization is here for a reason

Getting clear on why you’re here will dramatically effect your …

Bottom lines



The impact you have on those you serve every day

Whether you’re a for-profit or non-profit organization, aligning all you do, to why you’re here, brings effectiveness, efficiency and empowerment to you, your team, and those you serve in ways you never thought possible.

The Realized Process has served leaders and their organizations, across industries to:


Get clear on why they’re here


Where their biggest opportunities are


What they are meant to do with the resources, talent and impact they have been given

Some have seen as much as an 1100% increase in productivity and efficiency.

“If I had never taken the time to answer the questions we ask in The Realized Process and apply what I learned in asking them, I know where’d this business would be … Closed.”  ~ Shayne Wyler

The insights gained in having this conversation can be used throughout your entire organization.

Leadership & Organizational Development






Research and Development


And so on …

As each member of your team understands why they’re here, in a way that matters not only to the organization but to them individually, imagine the impact that could have for you, them and those you serve.

Imagine your team engaged and empowered by your purpose while you are able to value them for their contribution with a simple and clear process.

Find • Nurture • Empower


The Right People


With the Right Reasons


Where it matters most for you, your team and those you serve

Your Community

Purpose is realized in community

In community, as we step out on purpose to serve those around us, your purpose finds it’s place.

There you are valued

As economic development ensures your community is viable both now and in years to come, getting clear on why people, investors and organizations would want to come is vital.

At the heart of this conversation is your purpose

It’s in why you’re here that people invest their lives, families and work as they find their place in the bigger picture that is your community. As features like location, amenities and supports are considered in their decision, these potential community members are seeking a deeper reason. They want to know how your community will contribute to their lives and how their contribution will be valued.


Will they have a place to call home?

Your ability to share and fulfill on why you’re here as a community is essential in the lives of those who live within your community.


They depend on it


They desire it


They want to value it

You need to be able to clearly articulate why someone should live in your community

As communities unite, inspire and build sustainability into the heart of all they do, The Realized Process helps build the strong foundation necessary on which to grow and support generations to come, drawing in the right people, for the right reasons, at the right time.

May I help you get clear on why you’re here as a community?

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